Leasing in foreign currency

Amount of financing

$10,000 - $4,500,000 (however, a final decision on the approval or rejection of leasing transaction amounting over US $ 600.000 shall be made by the Supervisory Board of Directors of the Company)

Acceptable leasing subject

All types of equipment, mechanisms and vehicles for the purposes of production and business activities of small businesses in all sectors of the economy, except those specified in paragraph “Negative list”.

Share of financing

  •  100% of total value of the leasing subject; or
  • 70% of total value of the leasing subject (in the case of participation by the Lessee in the form of investing of a 30% share of total value of the leasing subject)

Interest rate

On average, 10% per annum (fixed rate / flat)

Lease period

Up to 5 years


Amount of collateral for the project shall be at least 50% of the total amount of lease financing. Collateral shall be provided in the form of real estate, or equipment, or bank guarantee, or surety, or movable property (equipment, vehicles) or a guarantee of repurchase by the supplier of the leasing subject.


In national currency at the rate of Uzbek Republican currency exchange on the day of payment

Negative List

  • The company does not provide leasing services in the following areas:
  • Used equipment (second-hand);
  • Restored (reconditioned) equipment;
  •  Equipment intended for activities or infrastructure related to the tobacco industry, casinos and gambling, equipment and materials for military purposes;
  • Equipment for the alcoholic beverage industry;
  • Real estate.

Primary and basic related costs of the lessee for leasing in foreign currency

Commission for processing

1.5% of the amount of lease financing (excluding VAT)

Leasing service fee

Payment of leasing service fee in the amount determined based on the costs actually paid by the lessor related to the provision of leasing services (including VAT on these costs)

Advance payment

3-month lease payments paid by the lessee after the project is approved and the equipment lease agreement is signed

Interim payments

The lessee pays interim lease payments based on the daily interest calculation at the rate set for the project for any partially paid (for the leasing object) amount, starting from the date of payment or opening of a letter of credit in favor of the Supplier, until the date of the start of the lease.


Insurance of the leased / pledged object - on average 0.15% per year of its contract / agreed value, depending on the type of the leased / pledged object and the conditions of the insurance company